Adidas Energy Boost: a revolution in running?



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While we've always loved sportswear – or, more accurately, stylish casualwear – the technical side of the sector has often left us a little cold. But at present, it's the performance end of athletic apparel that's getting us excited.

Maybe it's because we've come to realise that the clothes we're really passionate about look better on a body that's been through the rigours of the gym or that the big sports brands have clicked that even in technical wear, how a garment looks and feels is as important as how it performs.

The new Adidas Energy Boost trainer bears this out. Aimed at runners, the shoe boasts a sole constructed from BOOST, a revolutionary foam material which "combines previously contradicting performance benefits of soft and responsive cushioning."

According to Adidas, "The energy return is provided by energy capsules in the midsole which store and release energy so efficiently that runners feel the difference from the first moment they put the shoes on."

Which, if you're pounding the streets on a regular basis can only improve your perfromace and save your knees from the ache runners get after long training sessions.

While Umbrella won't be running any marathons soon, our jogs to the nearest Italian casulwear outlet look like they're going to be a little more fulfilling. The only thing to ponder is how the Energy Boost will look in an expensive nautical-influenced get-up.

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