Liverpool in the 80s and 90s: see Tom Wood’s photos of Great Homer St market











Great Homer St market is a Liverpool institution. Located just north of the centre in the heartland of Scouse culture (in London, its equivalent would be Whitechapel Rd) it has served the city’s shoppers for 180 years. 
Local photographer Tom Wood first went to 'Greatie' in 1975, and since then has captured thousands of images of the Saturday market. 
“I was first introduced to Great Homer Street market by a girlfriend with family in the Dingle, an area of south Liverpool,” he says. 
“At that time, I bought two double-breasted worsted wool, three-piece suits and a three-buttoned pinstripe suit with turn-ups for a total of four pounds. I thought, ‘What a great market!’ It was vast then, down both sides of the road, with much more second-hand clothes.”
A selection of Tom’s images has now been collated for a new book, Women’s Market, which, as the title suggests, looks at the women’s clothes section. With rave-patterned hooded tops, pastel-coloured jumpers and shell suits to the fore, this is a true snapshot of Liverpool in the late-1980s and early-’90s.
One of the most arresting photos is of two kids, their bodies in ‘How much longer are we going to be here for?’ poses.
“This picture was made on the edge of the market,” says Tom. “I remember them as brother and sister – maybe having walked around the market for hours, now waiting for their mother to return.” 
By the looks of it, they’ll still be there. 
Women's Market by Tom Wood is published by Stanley Barker, out now,

Liverpool in the 80s and 90s: see Tom Wood’s photos of Great Homer St market Comments

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