Adidas Copa Mundial: All-black, all-white, all class





At Umbrella, we make no secret of our love for Adidas's beautiful World Cup and Copa Mundial football boots.

Despite the many advancements that have taken place in footwear technology since they were released in 1979, few, if any, have equalled their perfection. No wonder we made the World Cup one of our "Favourite Things" in Issue Two.

While it would be impossible to improve on the World Cup and Copa Mundial, Adidas has given the latter a timely makeover by releasing two new 'remixed' versions of it: one in all-white, the other all-black. Both are constructured in the super-soft kangaroo leather that gives the shoe its luxurious feel.

As the very opposite of Sunday league fancy-dans, we'd probably give the all-white version a swerve, but the monochrome menace of the black really floats our boat. You just know you'd do some damage with it.

If you feel the Copa Mundial's moulded studs won't be able to fully cope with winter's muddy pitches, you can maintain your colour scheme with all-black (and all-white) reworks of the Predator and F50 boots, too. It's like Jil Sander's been put in charge of designdevelopment at Adidas – and has begun with the brand's greatest ever sports shoes. We're sold.

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