Adidas x Barbour: take on the town with some rural threads




The countryside is a scary, boring place. With Italian knitwear boutiques and tastefully designed city apartments at a premium we tend to give it a miss. 

However, despite our deep suspicion of muddy fields/barns etc, this magazine will be the first to admit that clothes made for the outdoors are some of our favourites. Wax jackets, daft tweed trousers, stout boots – if it's been made for Tory MPs to kill furry things at the weekend in, we're onboard. Just don't make us visit the place.

This is why we're so enamoured with the new collaboration between country specialist Barbour and the company that has clothed fashion-crazy urban scallywags for 40 years, Adidas. 

We're all aware that some of Adi's partnerships (ie, those trainers with the wings stuck on the side) aren't exactly Umbrella-appropriate, but this collection really hits the mark. Our favourite item is the rework of that 1983 classic trainer, the Adidas Columbia – here in a fetching 'chilli red' colour – though the coats aren't bad either, especially the Berghaus-like blue jacket. 

Tempted? You can find the whole collection at Newcastle's greatest clobber emporium, End – with items on sale from midnight tonight. It's all terrifically exciting. Pull!

Adidas x Barbour: take on the town with some rural threads Comments

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