Beautiful building sites of London

Giant spaces reveal a city in constant flux

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In a city as densly packed as London, it's rare to find open spaces outside of the main parks. One of the only occasions this happens is when one building is replaced with another. Then, we're given a short time to enjoy a new infusion of daylight and perhaps a fresh view, before the scaffolding arises and the new building takes the place of the old. 

There's a lot of this around – largely due to the mamoth Crossrail project, the trans-London railway that's under construction at the moment – but also because a city like London constantly reinvents itself. 

Photographers Alan Spain and Jason Hawkes have documented some of these sites for the LoveLDN project overseen by achitectural agency Wordsearch. The results are both beautiful and enlightening, revealing a world of holes, trenches, foundations and floodlights. From the City to Westminster, they show a city under constant renewal, one that's uncomfortable with the idea of the unplanned open space.

London, ever changing, but never changing.

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