Nathan James’ ‘Punchlines’: beautiful and scary in equal measure

Art is supposed to make us 'feel' something. How else can we explain the success of certain artists who seem to trade on their name rather than the merit of their output?

The work of Nathan James certainly makes us feel something: uncomfortable. But unlike many of the leading lights of the art world, he's a fine draughtsman, crafting pictures that recall late 20th century America, imbibed with a dark edge that references the period's horror movies. Pin-ups with melted faces, detached Micky Mouse hands tapping teenagers on the back – this is dark stuff.

James' Punchlines exhibition is currently showing until October 26 at the KK Outlet gallery in London's Hoxton Square.. If you're in the area, we'd advise that you pay it a visit. Just don't have nightmares.

Exhibition details here.

Nathan James’ ‘Punchlines’: beautiful and scary in equal measure Comments

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