The Rolling Stones: the best dressed band of the 1960s




The Rolling Stones always dressed well.

While The Beatles just – in our opinion – nudge it in the songs stakes, between 1964-1967 (ie, pre-weird), the Stones trod a fashion line that took in mod, preppy, psychedelia and English formal wear – an unbeatble combination. Sure, Brian Jones had hair like a beach-hut roof, and Bill Wyman looked like he'd wandered off a building site, but Mick, Keith and Charlie were incredible dressers. Check out the snap of Keith playing the keybaords above – that, friends, is how to get smart-casual right. 

This is illustrated perfectly in a new photo book from Taschen, The Rolling Stones, which features 500 pages of photographs of the band by the likes of David Bailey, Cecil Beaton, Anton Corbijn and Annie Leibovitz. While we can admire the photos of the lads when they'd discovered flared jeans, stack heels and silk scarves like your nan wore for church, the "floppy mod" look of 1966 is still the one. Check out Charlie's shirt/tweed combo in the photo at the top, Keith's suede jacket and Mick's sumptious button-down shirt. That's perfection, right there. 

According to Taschen, the book has been signed all the members of the band (though they couldn't get Bri to add his from the grave), and comes in various editons from same-price-as-a-terraced house-in-Burnley 'Art Edition' to the slightly less expensive 'Collector's Edition' . 

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The Rolling Stones: the best dressed band of the 1960s Comments

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