Rock ’n’ roll in black and white: the music photos of Greg Neate








Umbrella photographer Greg Neate is never happier than when he’s next to the stage at a concert, observing and documenting the action with an air of slight detachment. 

Greg covers the indie side of pop music, snapping bands with names like Blood Red, Hausfrau and Crayola Lectern. This is a world of plastic pint pots and second-hand synthesisers, where there really is just standing-room only and the nearest you to get to a VIP room is the manager’s Prius. 

At the moment he’s got two exhibition on in Brighton. The first covers his work for All Tomorrow’s Parties, which he we’ve covered before on the Umbrella blog. The other collection, We All Look Good in Black and White, is a series of pictures taken at gigs in Brighton and Glasgow, where he’s worked as a psychiatrist. 

The name of the collection comes from the lyric of a song by Shrag, the Brighton group whose picture acts as the lead image for the exhibition. And, looking at these people, absolutely in the moment, it’s an apt title: they all look absolutely fantastic. Almost makes you wish you were there. Thankfully, Greg was.

You can see both of Greg’s exhibitions at The Old Market, 11A Upper Market Street, Brighton, BN3 1AS. More info at

If you’d like to buy some of Greg’s prints, go to

Rock ’n’ roll in black and white: the music photos of Greg Neate Comments

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