A new map for Merseyside? The Liverpool subway in beautiful, circular form


In the next issue of Umbrella (out soon) we've got an interview with Max Roberts, metro map obsessive and the designer circular maps for the likes of the London, Paris and New York metros. After our chat, we talked about how underground railways combine all of Umbrella's passions: travel, design, architecture – and of course maps. Having covered the London Overground, Tyne & Wear Metro and Merseyrail in the magazine, we were overjoyed when Max, off the cuff, came out with a beautiful diagram of Liverpool's underground system. 

As well as looking fantasticl, it makes more sense of the wider area's geography than the present diagram, linking the west Lancashire coast with north Wales in one perfect arc. Max says: 

 “I wanted to restore some dignity to the map, a lot of people are very unhappy with the official version. If a city has a famous loop, then the map should show a loop.There is only one choice of centre here, the main concern was keeping the map compact. Blackpool to Flint gives a nice outer circle that frames the design, but it can also throw the dimensions into orbit. This is why the Southport line is bent (although it is a bit like this in reality). I'm pleased that there is a horizontal and a vertical axis for this map, this helps to bed the map. Gill Sans is the classic British railways font. I usually use Futura for circles maps, a geometric font for a geometric map, but that seemed wrong for Liverpool.”

Read more about Max in Umbrella Issue Nine, out soon.

A new map for Merseyside? The Liverpool subway in beautiful, circular form Comments

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