From (Greater) Manchester with love: Proper magazine and Pica-Post are back









The north-west has always been the creative hub of this country.

While London, the city in which this magazine is published, attracts artists, comedians, musicians, writers, advertsers and marketeers, an unusual amount of these people originate in the southern bit of the north-west.: Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, Wigan – those sort of places. 

Proper magazine, the work of Stockport fashion and culture obsessives Mark Smith and Neil Summers, and Pica Post – the in-house journal of the Oi Polloi menswear shop in Manchester – both 'dropped' this week, and they manage to convey the informed but unpretentious philosophy that so differentiaties the fashion scene in the north to that of London.

Founded in 2002,  Proper has gone from football-ish fanzine to the definitive clothing bible of the British male. The latest issue's feature on the greatest sportswear in movies is one of the best conceived ideas we've seen in a magazine in years. We just wish we'd thought of it ourselves.

Pica-Post is more psychedelic, and as a piece of content marketing, part of Oi Polloi's customer retention strategy. Yet despite this, it manages to be so much more: a saunter through an imagined world, where things – apart from fashion, naturally – move at a snail's place and chaps spend their days putting bait on hooks and drinking Heinz tomato soup from flasks. It's a beautiful thing. 

There's no doubt that men's publishing is going through a renaissance, with the likes of Umbrella and Mundial competing against massively funded men's mega-titles, without compormising their vision. Proper and Pica-Post show just how far staying true to yourself can take you. We like them very much indeed. 

You can get Proper from here, and Pica Post here

From (Greater) Manchester with love: Proper magazine and Pica-Post are back Comments

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