Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital: incredible photos








Until 1954, migrants arriving in America had to register at Ellis Island, the immigration processing centre in New York Harbour. 

While most would pass through and go on to start new lives, one in ten remained, deemed too unhealthy to proceed further. 

These unfortunates were placed in Ellis Island’s Immigrant Hospital, where they would either recover (and so move on) or die. The hospital was abandoned when Ellis Island shut, and unlike the rest of the complex, has remained untouched. 

However, tours are available of the 29-building complex, which means photographer Gordon Donovan could take these incredible pictures of the place. 

From morgues to laundries, the rooms have been allowed to slowly gather dust and rot, leaving an ever-fading memento of a different time. One, we’d hope, that’s been left behind for good. 

If you’d like to book a tour of the hospital, go to www.saveellisisland.org

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