This summer’s top airport fashion labels


There’s nowhere better to sample the fashion tastes of a country’s general populace than the airport. This summer, Umbrella went, passport in hand, in search of the UK’s favourite clothing brands and found three labels in the ascendancy.
Brand: Superdry
Overview: Pretty much everyone wears Superdry. Go to any departure lounge from Glasgow to Gatwick and you’ll see legions of men under the age of 45 in the label. Especially popular are the Osaka T-shirts, SD’s ultra-distressed jeans and, if the weather’s not great, the zip-up, black Tech Windecheater jacket. No wonder MD Julian Dunkerton is in The Sunday Times Rich List.
Brand: Jack Wills
Overview: If Superdry uses vintage Americana as a starting point, then Jack Wills takes its cue from a mythical boarding school in which everyone has big hair and reggae hasn’t been invented. Cleverly marketed – clothes were sent to head boys and girls at top public schools – its items are worn by both posh kids and proles alike. Huge appetite for its hooded tops among university hockey club-type gals. Very big at Gatwick airport this year.
Brand: Allsaints
Overview: More gothic and indie in feel than Superdry and Jack Wills, Allsaints is stil unthreatening enough to make it a staple with young British travellers. The company specialise in rock-y T-shirts with DIY-looking logos and grainy photography – the sort of thing worn by fashion-conscious students trying to look rebellious. Skull motifs very popular.

This article first appeared in Umbrella Magazine Issue #2. You can view it online here.

This summer’s top airport fashion labels Comments

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