Umbrella Magazine Issue 16 - Spring 2016

Published on 13 March 2017


Featuring 30 pages of spring menswear, plus features on brutalism in Benidorm, British Rail's graphic identity, the world's coolest taxis, Wetherspoon's carpets, Karl Hyde from Underworld and how The North Face became cool.

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Umbrella Issue 15 is out now. There’s 25 pages of autumn menswear, plus features on 1980s drivers; 40 years of the Argos catalogue; brutalism’s best and worst buildings; what Birmingham’s doing right (and wrong) and an illustrated piece on Europe’s most stylish pensioners. All for just £6.

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 14 - Spring 2016

Published on 23 March 2016


Issue 14 of Umbrella is available now. There's a massive 100 pages of ace jackets, brutalist tower blocks, underground railways, brilliant design and a column about Michael Portillo's blazers. Seriously. All for just £6.

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Issue 13 of Umbrella is out now. Printed on beautiful matte paper, it's got a 33-page style special crammed with beautiful coats and superb winter footwear. Add in a photo-story on 1970s football, an overview of the world's best passports and a love-letter to the Bullet Train, and you're looking at the sharpest magazine in the men's market. Try it and see for yourself.

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 12 - Summer 2015

Published on 14 May 2015


Issue 12 of Umbrella is out now. Printed on beautiful matte paper, it features a 32-page summer style section, plus articles on 1970s New York, modern-day south London and the future of football kits. All for just £6

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 11 - Winter 2014/15

Published on 11 December 2014


The latest issue of Umbrella features: Stone Island's ultimate winter coat, cold-weather style, greatest city crests, Oslo guide, abstract maps, UK cycle hire report, plus lots more (none of it boring).

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 10 - Spring 2014

Published on 14 April 2014


The best spring/summer fashion, Berlin's U-Bahn in the Cold War, Loake Royal brogues: The perfect shoe, York city guide, What makes the perfect pop song? Original Ibiza flyers, Dim Sum, Cocktails, Phil Thornton on regional accents, Milan train station, one man's obsession with iTunes playlists.

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 9 - Late Summer 2013

Published on 02 September 2013


The story of Adidas' greatest trainer, how a New York planner helped invent hip-hop, the birth of mod, Abandoned Places 3, Ghent, Gymphlex, Stone Island, CP Company

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 8 - Spring 2013

Published on 05 March 2013


Spring style special, King's Cross reinvented, London's lazy fashion writers, Mod in pictures, Bradford city report, Kirby Ferguson interview, Brompton cycles, how it feels to be knocked out, Henri Lloyd, CP Company, Tractors.

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 7 - Autumn 2012

Published on 05 October 2012


Kraftwerk, Pizza, Cocktails, Vintage typewriters, Cycling, The reality of the the internet, Newcastle Metro,
Nick Hornby, Thamesmead estate, Concrete buildings, Stone Island Q&A, Winter fashion.

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 6 - Spring 2012

Published on 15 May 2012


In it you'll find an expanded fashion section featuring pieces by Stone Island, John Smedley and Fred Perry amongst others, some awesome New York subway pics, and a column about - ahem - cheese on toast.

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 5 - Winter 2011

Published on 18 December 2011


The winter is never going to be Umbrella's favourite time of year. While others revel in the short days and 'cosiness' of bad pubs with electric fires, we console ourselves with thoughts of sunny evenings and the £300 driving moccasins we'll be buying in April. Still, the winter does have some compensations – first and foremost, the quality of clothing on offer. One thing we do tend to get right in Britain is cold-weather dressing, as can be seen by our superb fashion selection. With items from the likes of Fjällräven and MA.STRUM taking a starring role, Umbrella readers have no excuse not to be the best dressed chaps around in the coming months, whether they're in Amsterdam or Antarctica. And when you do come in from the cold, this issue has so much in it you may not want to venture outside until the spring. Well, that's we'd like to think, anyway. Enjoy the magazine.

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 4 - Summer 2011

Published on 04 August 2011


There's a lot to be said for telling a good tale. In these days of hi-resolution press pictures emailed directly to your inbox, it doesn't take much to put together a menswear blog full of nice photos of the latest shawl-neck cardigan. But Umbrella is about much more than that. We believe in the power of stories, and this issue is full of them. Our standout piece examines the Westway, the stretch of elevated motorway in London that's seen riots, gigs and even a separate state appear from under its shadow. Staying with the auto theme, we uncover the saga behind one of America's most disastrous car launches, the Chrysler TC by Maserati, while a collection of beautiful city maps of the 16th Century illustrates just how much our great towns have changed. Of course, there's lots more to read – including an extended fashion section – but that's for you to discover at your leisure. Enjoy it.

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 3 - Spring 2011

Published on 27 March 2011


It's now just over a year since we began work on Umbrella. We realised that the mainstream men's magazine market didn't cater for us or the smart, savvy blokes we knew. We were neither fey fashion victims or unthinking 'lads', yet there was nothing out there that we could relate to in any way. What the success of Umbrella has proved is that there are thousands of men who love technology, design, food, transport, travel and history in equal measure. The blogosphere proves this, yet, as far as we can see we're the only magazine that's taken its lessons on board. That suits us. Our goal is to entertain, educate and inspire our readers. We make no apology for this. We're grown-ups. And Umbrella is a grown-up magazine. Enjoy it.

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 2 - Autumn 2010

Published on 24 November 2010


The city is the inspiration for most – if not everything – that goes in Umbrella. It's not any one town in particular, but the possibilities that all urban environments give residents and visitors alike. Whether it's a little locals' cafe down a winding street in Prague or an anarchist-owned restaurant on Cadiz's Plaza Menditero, joy is to be found in the secluded and the out-of-the-way. In that respect, Umbrella is much like a city. Sure, there's plenty of stuff to get you in (we're especially proud of our covers), but it's when you start exploring that you get most from this magazine. From the way we shoot fashion (giving the clothes space to show off those all-important details that men love) to our appreciation of maps, transport and quality food, we think there's easily enough to satisfy the most inquisitive of travellers. And you don't even need your passport to look around. Thanks for visiting.

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Umbrella Magazine Issue 1 - Summer 2010

Published on 21 July 2010


The idea for this magazine started with a question: if we told you there was a disused Underground station near your office, would you want to see it? And everyone we asked said yes. This led us to believe that perhaps we weren't the only men who liked studying maps or reading about secret tunnels under cities. Yet the individuals we spoke with weren't your traditional 'trainspotters', but males who also loved sport, fashion and new ideas. Something was definitely going on. The other big influence on Umbrella has been the blogosphere. Blogs, whether they cover fashion or urbanism, present content in ways that make it exciting and relevant. Their appreciation of detail and knack of finding beauty in the everyday has changed the way we look at things. So we've combined the best of old and new media for Umbrella, to create something that truly reflects men in the second decade of the 21st Century. Enjoy it.

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