Umbrella Magazine Issue 2 - Autumn 2010

Published on 24 November 2010

The city is the inspiration for most – if not everything – that goes in Umbrella. It's not any one town in particular, but the possibilities that all urban environments give residents and visitors alike.

Whether it's a little locals' cafe down a winding street in Prague or an anarchist-owned restaurant on Cadiz's Plaza Menditero, joy is to be found in the secluded and the out-of-the-way. In that respect, Umbrella is much like a city. Sure, there's plenty of stuff to get you in (we're especially proud of our covers), but it's when you start exploring that you get most from this magazine.

From the way we shoot fashion (giving the clothes space to show off those all-important details that men love) to our appreciation of maps, transport and quality food, we think there's easily enough to satisfy the most inquisitive of travellers. And you don't even need your passport to look around. Thanks for visiting.

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