Umbrella Magazine Issue 3 - Spring 2011

Published on 27 March 2011

It's now just over a year since we began work on Umbrella. We realised that the mainstream men's magazine market didn't cater for us or the smart, savvy blokes we knew. We were neither fey fashion victims or unthinking 'lads', yet there was nothing out there that we could relate to in any way.

What the success of Umbrella has proved is that there are thousands of men who love technology, design, food, transport, travel and history in equal measure. The blogosphere proves this, yet, as far as we can see we're the only magazine that's taken its lessons on board. That suits us.

Our goal is to entertain, educate and inspire our readers. We make no apology for this. We're grown-ups. And Umbrella is a grown-up magazine. Enjoy it.

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