New Balance CT300: Trainer of the Year?



There's something about the "Made in England" tag that still lends a product cultural weight. And while it's usually suits or formal shoes that carry the epithet, it can also apply to trainers. That's where New Balance comes in.

The latest shoe to come from the brand's UK factory at Flimby in the Lake District is the CT300, a tennis trainer originally produced in the late 1970s as a rival to Adidas's Stan Smith and the G.Vilas from Puma. Its tactifully handled re-release demonstrates that New Balance is a company that treats its heritage range with respect. 

While others brands endlessly re-release old favourites, often produced in sub-standard materials, New Balance is more circumspect, adding modern touches to old fsvourites, but either maintaing the quality of construction or even improving on it. 

The CT300 demonstrates this perfectly. As well as releasing the shoe in its original white and blue colourways, the company has asked four shops, Firmanent (Berlin), Hanon (Aberdeen), 24 Kilates (Barcelona) and Sneakerstuff (London) to come up with their own versions. The results are superb – a range of eminently wearable trainers that look the business with both jeans and shorts. Well, it is a tennis trainer after all.

If this is what 'Made in England' means today, then our manufacturing culture is looking decidedly healthy. A straight-sets victory. 

Firmament, Hanon, 24 Kilates and Sneakersnstuff reintroduce the New Balance CT300 from New Balance EMEA on Vimeo.

The trainer is available at specialist shops around the world. Just type 'CT300' into the search engine

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