Nike Magista: Inspired by Iniesta (also easy to spot in the dark)


For the big sports brands, the World Cup is crucial, a chance to showcase their wares to the billions watching around the globe. Nike is no different. 

Yesterday, the company launced its most techincal football boot to date, the Magista, at a seamlessly organised event in Barcelona's design museum. You could tell you were somwhere cool as they were playing the music from Drive on the sound system. The company had also laid out 3D-printed models of Nike classics in glass display boxes for the hundreds of journalists and media people to look at. This was sportswear as art. 

So, the boot itself. According to the man who oversaw the four-year Magista project, Phil McCartney, Nike's VP of Performance Sportswear, it's specifically aimed at creative players like Barcelona's Andrés Iniesta and Mario Gotze, whose feedback was used in its creation. The result is something that looks like it was created on Mars – a Mars where football-mad scientists live and watch endless videos of Brazil's 1970 World Cup team. Iniesta, who spoke to at the event was, as you'd expect, rather enthusiastic.

"What’s important is that I feel comfortable with it," he said. "When it comes to having the ball and touching the ball it’s very positive because it makes it a lot more closer to the foot. It takes the shape of the foot very well and makes it more comfortable around the ankle."

On first glance, it's certainly striking. Covered in a 3D mesh, it's the first football boot to use Flyknit, the lightweight material that the brand has used on its running and basketball shoes. This makes the Magista really light, and, says Nike, "delivers unprecedented feel, fit and control by creating a second-skin, sock-like feel and allows for strength and support to be knitted directly into the boot". There's also a thin layer of 'Nikeskin' over the mesh to protect against water and cold – though probably not against a playful foot-stamp from a League One centre-back. 

Secondly, and most visually arresting, the Magista has a sort of sock attached, which Nike call the "Dynamic Fit Collar", which, says McCartney, " allows the foot, ankle, and lower leg work together as a single unit, emphasizing their natural movements".

The boot comes in three colours, day-glow yellow (which Nike is using mostly in its promotional campiagn), black/yellow and, for the traditionalists, black, which to Umbrella's Twitter feed was easily the most popular of the three. It seems, while football fans like to watch thier heroes strut about the Camp Nou in bright yellow boots, when it comes to turning out for our Sunday league sides, we like to keep it traditional. If only we could play like Iniesta.

The Nike Magista is available to pre order from April 29 from, and to buy from May 22. Price, £230 


Nike Magista: Inspired by Iniesta (also easy to spot in the dark) Comments

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