Stone Island: new season, new coats (same severe haircuts)










It goes without saying that Stone Island has been one of the most important menswear labels of the past 50 years.

Bringing industrial and workwear aethestics to high-end men's casualwear, its founder Massimo Osti instinctively knew what the modern male demanded in his clothing. So whether you're on a freezing cold terrace in northern England or enjoying a cafe latte down a sidestreet in MIlan, Stone Island always looks right

This ability to be dressed up or down is what makes SI so special. Some people (that'll be us) are fans of its funnel-neck jumpers, while others (ie those in "fashion") prefer the slender silhouettes of the Shadow Project range. But no matter what the year, there's always something that grabs the attention. And the coming A/W season is no exception.

As ever, the coats are strong, with sturdy outer shells rubbing up against cosy, soft interiors. Underneath, jumpers are chunky and robust, while that grey backpack is just the thing for an Autumn break to Amsterdam or Copenghagen. 

And while we're in the middle of summer, those chilly terraces will soon come calling. Time to get acquainted then.

Stone Island: new season, new coats (same severe haircuts) Comments

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