Mod Couples: double the obsessiveness



For us, mod – and its related cults like casual and 'heritage' – is an essentially male movement, certainly as far as fashion goes. But photographer Carlotta Cardena's snaps of contemporary mod couples show that ladies can be every bit as obsessive as chaps. A good thing, we think.

According to the excellent Mod Culture website, Carlotta is undertaking a photographic project highlighting parictularly smart mod couples, with photographs showing a generation of young people just as obsessed by detiail and fit as their parents/grandparents were/are. Some of them even look a bit like ’60s grandparents to tell the truth.

If you'd like to show you and your better half's style in her project, then get in contact with Carlotta via her website. Extra points if you're holding a print copy of Umbrella in your hand. 

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