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Over the last couple of years there's been a definite move towards ’90s running shoes in many a smart chap's outfit. Worn with narrow, dark jeans and topped off with a waterproof jacket, it's a uniquely British look perfect for casual business meetings and post-work drinks in the more fashionable areas of our cities. 

Adidas seems to have noticed this, too – as its reissued City Marathon PT is absolutely in touch with the look of now. Made with suede and nylon uppers,  we've chosen the Berlin model for this shoot, but other versions, like the Chicago and New York, are available. So even if the nearest you to get to running is a brisk stroll to your hostelry of choice, these are the perfect autumn sports shoe. 

And the '42,195' on the back? That's the length of the marathon in kilometres. So now you know.

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