Baracuta: more than just the Harrington jacket



The Baracuta G9 is one of the undisputed greats of British casualwear. Named the 'Harrington' by London mod shop owner John Simons after a character in the TV drama Peyton Place, this short canvas jacket has been a staple in many a man's wardrobe since the 1960s. 

However, after its purchase by Italian company WP Lavori, the Manchester brand has widended its collection to include anoraks, ties and even pyjamas. While we're really excited by the new variations that have been unveilved for next spring/summer, there's enough around in this season's colelction to tempt any mod, skin or  (a little bit) rude boy. 

Visit the Baracuta website here.

Baracuta: more than just the Harrington jacket Comments

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