Five Great Watches For Under £500

While a phone may do everything – and a lot more – than a watch can do, there's still no more convenient or stylish way of telling the time than with a well designed wristwatch. The best (and in truth some of the worst, certainly in terms of looks) can cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds, but there are plenty of beautiful watches out there that will offer you a lot more bang for your buck. Here then, are our five favourite timepieces for under £500. Who said beggars can't be choosers?  

Dreyfuss & Co 1946 in Leather and Silver, £350. Buy
Uniform Wares 203 Series, £250 Buy
Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Mark II Automatic, £350 Buy
Mougin & Piquard x J. Crew Grande Stainless Steel, £425 Buy
Larsson & Jennings Chain Mail Silver, £215 Buy

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