Nudie Jeans: Swedish denim with a world outlook



Jeans – like dogs and well designed metro systems – are always in the running for the title of man's best friend. Ever since Evisu burst upon the scene in the mid-’90s, we've been able to get hold of quality jeans, manufactured on old fashioned looms,  which not only age beautifully, but show that all-important selvedge when turned up. 

One of the brands that impresses us most is Nudie. Not only is its 13oz denim some of best around, but the range of styles means that everyone – from skinny rock kids to middle aged chaps carrying a bit too much lumber – can find a style to suit. The fact its jeans are made under the Fair Wear Foundation mean that those who produce the garments are paid and treated fairly. 

If you're in the capital, the Nudie store in Soho boasts a repair shop, where the staff will mend your battered Nudies for free, though try and stop yourself looking at the denim selection in the basement while you're there. That, we guess, is probabaly the point.

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The jeans shown here are Nudie Grim Tim with a button-fly

Nudie Jeans: Swedish denim with a world outlook Comments

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