CP Company: our favourite S/S 14 pieces


To men of a certain outlook – ie, Umbrella readers and staff – CP Company will always have a special place in their hearts. After the company's separation from Stone Island, CP has taken on some of SI's mantle – witness the use of the watchviewer as a wearable logo – but retained the tailored feel that marked it out in the first place. 

With spring coming up, it's time to examine the highlights of CP's new season collection. For Umbrella, the watchviewer anoraks are really appealing as they'll look great with jeans or chinos, while the blazers and sweatshirts are as versatile as thay are smart. It's a really consistent, street-savvy collection. We like it.

For more info (and a really good winter sale) go to www.cpcompany.co.uk

CP Company: our favourite S/S 14 pieces Comments

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