Tuk Tuk: 1960s styling for the summer season


Umbrella makes no secret of its admiration for Tuk Tuk, the British shirt manufacturer that combines mod styling with exotic prints and patterns. This season, it's done it again with an outstanding collection of summer shirts and shorts that play on its strengths of colour and fit. 

Few brands understand the  psyche of the British male as well as Tuk Tuk. It knows that there are enough men out there who want to stand out without a) standing out too much and b) spending huge amounts of money. This is 'constrained dandyism' – a state of mind that the British male does better than anyone else (bar, perhaps, Italian middle-aged men). It's why we wear silk, paisly scarves or pink shirts in otherwise sombre outfits.

In the future, as Tuk Tuk expands (it already makes T-shirts, shorts, bags and trousers), we 'd love to see the label get into formal shirting with spread- and regualr collars. A bit of paisley or madras patterning would brighten up many a decent suit – think Michael Caine in The Italian Job when he comes out of prison and is forced to go for a fitting at his unbelievably camp talior. Until then, we're happy to make do with the button-downs. 

 Shop the collection at wearetuktuk.com

Tuk Tuk: 1960s styling for the summer season Comments

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