Realm & Empire: new D-Day T-shirt collection



The better weather means swapping the chunky knits and anoraks of winter for shorts, light jackets and of course, T-shirts.

Realm & Empire, a brand which is becoming increasingly relevant in British menswear, has come up with a set of tees a far cry from the slew of generic (ie dull) printed T-shirts we're going to see at barbecues over the coming months.

And, as befitting a brand immersed in the designs of the British military, the collection commemorates a very sepcial occasion, D-Day, which marks its 70th anniversary this June. 

Don't be worried that the garments will spalshed with gung-ho slogans though. Instead, the tees pay tribute to the efforts of those who helped defeat fascism with bold, abstract graphics that feature the names of the beaches the Allies landed on in 1944.

For the uninitiated they'll just be cool T-shirts, but for people with a little more historical knowledge, they'll hold a deeper meaning.

A fitting, and rather stylish, tribute.

Like what you see? Find out more at the Realm & Empire website.

Realm & Empire: new D-Day T-shirt collection Comments

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