Is the Nomos Metro the perfect urban watch?



When you’re buying a new watch, what is it you’re looking for? 

Timekeeping accuracy is obviously paramount. A nice mechanical movement rather than the tick-tick-tick of a quartz calibre? If you can afford it, why not? 

But, as far as this magazine is concerned, the perfect watch has to have a design philosophy that’s in tune with both how we dress and how we see the world. 

That’s why we’re such fans of the Nomos Metro. 

To our eyes, the Metro, a project between watchmakers, Nomos, and Berlin designer Mark Braun, is the perfect urban timepiece. Despite its understated looks – and we’re properly in love with its minimalist styling – there’s a huge amount of watchmaking power here. 

First, the movement. Created by Nomos at its HQ in Glashütte, east Germany, this handwound watch is powered by the company’s own DUW 4401 calibre, which can run for 43 hours on a single wind. Easily enough to to see you through even the most intensive DVD box-set marathon.

If you’re that way inclined – and you obviously are as you’re reading this – there’s a crystal back which lets you see the wonderful workings in action. It’s all very hypnotising. 

Further joy can be found on the face on the watch. As you’d probably expect, clean lines predominate with tiny, dotted markings around the outside, discrete numbers every five seconds and two hands that narrow nicely for extra precision.  

There’s further complication goodness in the shape of a date window at six-o’clock and and sweep-hand seconds counter under the centre. 

But best, and most useful of all, is the ‘fuel gauge’ power reserve indicator, so you know exactly how much juice you’ve got left. Once it goes into the red, it’s time to wind the beautifully engineered crown up. 

A watch like this isn’t a quick, cheap purchase, but to our minds, the Nomos Metro will provide a daily dose of utilitarian sophistication long after the price is forgotten. A beautiful thing indeed. 

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Is the Nomos Metro the perfect urban watch? Comments

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