New Loake shoes: lightweight soles, heavyweight style

Loake is a shoe brand that deserves respect.

Based in Kettering, the 130-year-old cobbler is rightly regarded for its range of classic English shoes. But what makes this family-owned company extra special is the way it seamlessly absorbs new trends and materials into its collection. Over the last few years we've seen white, lightweight soles welted to traditional leather uppers, and a new premium range, Loake 1880, that can hold its own against even the most expensive shoemakers. 

This season Loake has done it again. After listening to its customers the brand's added rubber soling to its collection of brogues and boots. Unlike the white soles to be found on models like the Hank, these soles look like traditonal leather ones – it's only when one glances underneath that you'll see the tell-tale studs of the rubber Dainite sole. The reason? Customers wanted their formal shoes to be lighter and grip better in the autumn/winter wet. This selection does just that. 

Traditionalists who like their soles leather shouldn't worry, however – the old fashioned leather jobs are much in evidence in the ever-expanding collection, just as they should be.

Full marks once more to Loake.

New Loake shoes: lightweight soles, heavyweight style Comments

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