MA Strum: military wear for autumn/winter ’14




If the ideal style for the warmer months is Ivy League – and there's little that will convince us otherwise, then winter gives us a few more options.

One day, the Umbrella reader could be clad in a smart Crombie overcoat and chunky brogues so he can blend in at that directors' do he was specifically excluded from, the next he could be exploring the Berlin U-bahn in search of interesting relics from the city's 'Bowie and Iggy' period while sporting a hardy mountaineering jacket. And it's for that sort of activitiy that the new collection from MA Strum is ideal for. 

As you'd expect from a brand that – along with CP Company and Stone Island – carries with it the style DNA of master designer Massimo Osti, this season's range is heavy on the military/workwear vibe. Jackets mix thoughtful tailoring with a construction that looks as though it could withstand a hurricane and still be fresh for breakfast the morning after. The knitwear is what you'd expect, too – stiff, stand-up collars and thick, heavy-duty textures, ideal with one of MA's excellent overshirts. 

It's all very masculine and aimed squarely at the sort of man who feels a bit icky when things get too 'fashion'. 

So, with October pacing up and down anxiously outisde the door, waiting for Setpember to finish its tiresome Indian-summer thing, it'd be wise to get Strum-ed up before the slate skies and fresh winds make their presence felt. Come on in autumn, we're ready for you.

MA Strum: military wear for autumn/winter ’14 Comments

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