AIgle vs Nigel Cabourn: the capsule collection of the winter?




French outwear label AIgle is a brand that Umbrella has huge amounts of respect for – it's one of the reasons we made its Addison Oxford parka our Item of the Month in the spring issue of the magazine

So when we heard that it was collaborating with Britain's answer to Massimo Osti, Nigel Cabourn, it's fair to say we were a little excited. 

The resulting work is even better than we could have hoped. Cabourn, whose obsession with mid-20th centruy mountain wear is well known, has managed to fuse his trademark rugged aesthetic with a softer, continental feel, creating a collection that could weather a fierce Alpine blizzard and see you safely into the bar at Claridge's without breaking step. 

Highlights include that staple of ’70s striking British worker – the donkey jacket – here transformed into a piece of beautifully-cut winter tailoring, and the Le Bricard parka, which is tough as old boots, beautifully cut and boasts a removable, padded lining. 

This stuff isn't cheap, Cabourn's use of natural materials and traditonal protective techniques sees to that, but it's absolutely what menswear brands looking for longevity should be aiming for. Aigle should congratulate itself for having the foresight to partner Cabourn, because this is one of the collections of the season. Seek it out. 

See the rest of the range (including the women's collection) by clicking here

AIgle vs Nigel Cabourn: the capsule collection of the winter? Comments

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