Boneville: a classic brand for modern times



A couple of weeks ago we showcased the new collection from MA.STRUM – a brand that claims lineage from ex-CP Company/Stone Island founder Massimo Osti. Today, we're looking at another label with links to the visionary designer, Boneville, which he founded in 1981. 

Boneville was one of the defining labels of the late 1980s (alongside Chipie, C17 and Best Company), producing high-end casual clothes that welded touches of ’50s Americana with a definte European design aesthetic. The ad campaigns and shoots featured handsome lads larking about in places like Paris and Madrid, usually in the company of a fittest-girl-on-the-French exchange-type female. It projected a lifestyle that was, with a bit of imagination, just within reach of smarter British chaps.

The brand closed in 1993 – its style aesthetic perhaps at odds with the dominant (and scruffy) clubbing style of the day, but in 2012 a chap called John Sharp bought the rights to the label and relaunched Boneville, seeing potential in the large heritage/casual market that's grown over the last decade.

Thankfully, the rebirth of the label has been no quick cash-in – here, quality really does tell. This autumn, for example, jackets are tailored, but casual; jumpers are snug yet svelte, while outerwear is robust and beautifully thought-out. The brand says:

"Boneville of today exists as a grand testament to the timeless, innovative nature of Osti’s work. The brand features two divisions; Boneville and B.N.V. Sporting Goods, each boasting a unique aesthetic though bound together by a distinct naval influence and maritime character."

If that doesn't want to make you set sail in the good ship Boneville, then we don't what would. All aboard!

Boneville: a classic brand for modern times Comments

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