Five reasons we love the Adidas Originals x Spezial collection



If you've been reading Umbrella long enough, you'll know that the Adidas Speziai is our favourite trainer ever.

That's why when we heard that Adidas Originals was releasing a new range influenced by this ’70s classic, we got very excited – especially when we were told that the man behind it was Blackburn native (and Adidas obsessive) Gary Aspden.

Unlike your average 'sneaker' fan, Gary's has a real undestanding of what Adidas means to clothes-savvy British men. That's why his collection will be such a hit with those of us who are more than a little partial to a 'proper' trainer and dismissive of some of Adi's misguided 'fashion-forward' ranges. 

We therefore decided to put together a list that detailed exactly why we like the collection so much. And here goes…

1) The Touring Spezial (see top) is a beautifully shaped leisure shoe that fuses the famous Munchen/Trimm Trabb sole with a soft, suede upper. It will look magnificent with jeans.  

2) Both Kraftwerk and New Order are referenced on the T-shirts. This'll impress your mates more than your lady, but when's that ever been a problem?

3) The green Leisure Jacket has an early rave feel to it with a smart collar and shawl-like shape. It'll appeal to both bright young things in east London and trendy pensioners in east Lancashire.

4) The Beckenbauer jacket is not only named after one of the world's most stylish footballers (clue: not Joe Hart) but has an ace stand-up collar for that 'top boy'/'Smiffy from the Bash St Kids' feel.

5) This is just the first season of the collection. And because people think we're fashionable (if only they knew) we've been shown samples for the seasons ahead. They're absolutely boss, too.  

The Originals x Spezial collection is avaiable from October 25.

Five reasons we love the Adidas Originals x Spezial collection Comments

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