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If you tried to picture Umbrella's perfect country it would look a lot like modern Germany. 

Criss-crossed by beautifully planned train lines and dotted with cities that juxtapose ancient monuments with modernist architecture, it symbolises everything that's great about European living. And that's not mentioning its unequalled tradition of design (or indeed, excellent sausages). 

All these elements (bar the sausages, sadly), feature heavily in the latest SPEZIAL collection by Adidas Originals. Like the first incarnation for Autumn/Winter, the range draws directly on both Adidas's leisure-wear back catalogue, and the style cues of the British male, particularly those from the north-west of England. The man behind it is long time Adi collaborator (and Lancastrian) Gary Aspden. He says:

“The collection taps into the spirit of the brand’s core identity and presents it in a new context. Given the depth of adidas’ archive, I felt the job was as much to curate a range as to design one. I’m confident it will appeal to the mindset of the most hardened Adidas fans whilst presenting another side of this very diverse brand to a whole new audience.”

At Umbrella we believe this range is even stronger than the last, with stand-outs including the four-pocket Haslingden anorak, ST9 rainjacket and Albrecht leather shoe, the latter based on a model from the Leisure footwear collection of the ’80s, a range that had near-mythical status among casually-minded schoolboys of the time (including the Editor of this magazine).

To publicise the collection, Adidas has comissioned director Nick Griffiths to make a short film about one fan’s mythical journey to Adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany. As it features beautifully designed sportswear, high-speed trains, railways stations and modernist architecture, you can imagine how much we like it. Nearly, in fact, as much as we like the SPEZIAL range itself.

The collection will be released on February 28, and will be available online and at selected (and very trendy) retailers.

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