Adidas Spezial x L10 Studio: perfect posters for perfect shoes






It’s one of life’s mysteries, that while the 1970s was the decade that taste not just forgot – but left in a plastic bag on a desert island – the sportswear of the time was beautiful. And no more so than in the work of Adidas. 

As the brand moved into leisure wear, catalogues were released full of Björn-from-Abba lookalikes in beige tracksuits, complemented by healthy-looking kids and fruity ‘wives’ in rather exciting sports vests. 

It’s this look that designer David Maguire has channelled in a range of posters for Adidas’s Spezial collection. If you read Umbrella regularly, then you’ll be familiar with Spezial, which comes from longtime Adidas marketing man Gary Aspden, an obsessive Adi fan since the 1980s. 

David’s work, highlighting the footwear of the new season range, mixes the design language of 1970s Adidas with a bit of north-west cheekiness: witness the references to Lancastrian rave venues and picturesque pennine villages. 

David says, “Basically the ethos behind the project came from researching ’70s/’80s Adi campaigns and catalogue adverts. I thought the idea behind Spezial range was parallel to this era so I decided to design a new range of posters to showcase each footwear option.”

Whether Adi Dassler would have approved is a moot point – though we’re guessing he’d have loved it – what’s important is the north-west's influence on the street style of the UK is acknowledged and nurtured. 

And that shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone.

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