Sperry Topsider x YMC: a casual classic for Autumn 2015






There's a lot to be said for 'halfway house' shoes. You know, the likes of Clark's Wallabees or the Timberland Classic Lug that are a halfway house between trainer and 'going out shoe'. For British chaps who live by the dictats of smart-casual, a good pair of smart-ish shoes is as essential as decent trainers or brogues. 

That's why we got a little excited when boat-shoe makers Sperry decided to work with innovative UK label YMC on a new range of shoes. The results are as good as you'd expect. Beauitful suede uppers sit atop comfortable, and nicely substantial, rubber soles. You just know they're the sort of shoes that can be worn on any occasion. And with prices around the £90-£100, they're within the reach of most (well tailored) pockets, too.

Find out more here: sperrytopsider.co.uk



Sperry Topsider x YMC: a casual classic for Autumn 2015 Comments

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