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As the dark mornings and pitch black evenings can attest, autumn is here. 
Not the ‘basically summer’ autumn of September and early October, with its sunny afternoons and pleasingly fresh mornings, but the other one. The dark miserable autumn of November that throws buckets of rain in your face and wraps you in never-ending gloom. Yeah, that autumn.
And yet, there is a bright side to all this dark-at-4pm nonsense, and that’s the clothing. Specifically the clothing from brands like Realm & Empire, the company that raids the garment archives of the Imperial War Museum, and uses it as inspiration in every collection. It’s new season range is – pleasingly – the bomb.
There are goodies everywhere, but it’s the outerwear that’s making us yearn for the days of rationing and air raid shelters.
First, is the Welford Groundcrew smock, which was inspired by the clothing of the ground-based RAF chaps, who brought in assorted Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancasters into land during WW II. Not only does this showerproof cagoule have a button-up throat, but it’s also got a high-visibility patch on the arm and headphone holes in the hood. What more could you want?
Second is the luxurious Panton pilot’s jacket, a woollen double-breasted overcoat that will work with both a formal, and informal, get-up. We’ve seen it close up and it’s just what a man needs when the weather gets really unpleasant.
There can be no doubting it now: Realm & Empire’s is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking men’s labels around. If – as Lemar once said – there’s any justice in the world, it’ll just get bigger and bigger. Chocs away, chaps!

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