Tuk Tuk: menswear that makes Autumn the most colourful season













Brtish men aren't exatly known for our devotion to bright colours – navy blue constitutes about 80 per cent of the Umbrella staff wardrobe – but sometimes a splash of red or yellow can really bring out the best in your outfit without going too ‘Portillio’.

One brand that's always ploughed a colourful furrow is Tuk Tuk. Originally a maker of superior shirts, the label marks itself out by its use of bright, patterned fabrics from Thailand and Sri Lanka. There's nothing like a paisley collar peeping from under a round-neck jumper to show people your interests go a little further than bus maps (though in our case, not that much further).

Now a maker of all sorts of menswear – the 'Station' jacket is an Umbrella favourite – it's launched a collection for Autumn/Winter that mixes the best of mod, casual and traditional English tailoring. The shirts are as colourful as ever, but the fit is slim and the collars small – this is still smart clothing we're talking about here. There are also chunky jumpers to get invoved with, cardigans and even T-shirts, should the weather turn unseasonally warm. All in all, it's a great range. 

Want to know more? Just go to the Tuk Tuk website here.




Tuk Tuk: menswear that makes Autumn the most colourful season Comments

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