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What have Reni from The Stone Roses, Serpico and Hunter S Thompson all got in common? The answer is their adoption of the bucket (or fishing, or sun) hat. 
Every since the Roses reformed, bucket hats have found their way back into the wardrobes of fashionable British youths. The band’s comeback gigs in  Heaton Park in 2012 boasted more fishing hats than an Anglers’ Weekly flash mob, while no Glastonbury outfit is complete without one. Preferably with a little zip pocket on the side.
Manchester brand The Long Shot Experiment makes the best sun hats we’ve seen since LL Cool J first surfaced fully-formed, and wearing a red Kangol. Available in a range of colours and fabrics (we dig the corduroy one), each hat is made by hand at TLSE’s workshop in the rainy city. There’s even a chic ’20s-style model for the ladies.
And while the sun isn’t making too many appearances at this time of year – or indeed any time of the year if you share our north-west background – if you’re looking for a bit of ’70s/’80s chic, a Long Shot Experiment ‘sunny’ is a pretty good starting point. You can even pretend to be Reni if you fancy it.
For more information go to And to see it’s cool short film just click here 

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