Oi Polloi's Pica Post: a fanzine that's out of this world







Lots of bad things come through the post: leaflets for dry cleaners, ‘final demand’ letters from electricity suppliers and abusive notes from people we’ve slagged off in the magazine. Yeah, not great.
But one excellent item that dropped through the Umbrella letter box this week was the new issue of The Pica Post, Oi Polloi’s fanzine. Every issue it mixes photos of the shop’s latest clothes with articles based around a theme. And this issue the theme is UFOs. 
As people who find it difficult to deal with people from other parts of the UK, never mind pint-sized green chaps from Mars, this is all a bit intimidating. Happily, looking through the Pics Post, it seems that aliens also wear on-trend winter clothing and nice body warmers from Patagonia. Who knew?
Keeping with the cold-weather feel, there’s also a really in-depth feature about the Woolwich Arctic parka, and an interview with the founder of Reebok. If you like nothing more than long articles about bulky items of clothing and trainers, it’s ideal for you. 
Sound interesting? You can get your Pica Post here from Oi Polloi – you might as well buy that parka in the process, too. 

Oi Polloi's Pica Post: a fanzine that's out of this world Comments

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