Tuk-Tuk: Essential menswear for Spring/Summer ’16











Spring is excellent. Similar to winter, but with some extra hours tagged on the end of the day, it’s a key time for clobber. Why? Because you get to wear lovely summer shirts underneath jumpers and coats without having to bare your arms or legs (as is required in August). See?
One of our favourite brands, Tuk-Tuk, does this summer-clothing thing especially well. Veritable dons of the shirting scene – its fabrics come Sri Lanka and Thailand – the brand has expanded its range to include soft-shouldered blazers, Harrington jackets and cardigans. And who doesn’t love a cardigan*? Stalin, that’s who.
In fact, this season’s range is full of beautifully cut, vibrantly coloured garments that any hater of totalitarianism will love. Seriously, if you really want to give it to The Man this spring, ditch the all-black anarchist look and slip on a Tuk-Tuk sweatshirt or paisley button-down. It’ll make you feel quite the dandy revolutionary.
If you just want to look good on a Friday night, and that’s fine, then Tuk-Tuk garments are ideal for those whose main concern is the width of their trouser this season. 
Viva el Tuk-Tuk!

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