Seven excellent things about Issue 15 of Umbrella







1) We went to the city of Tampere. Apparently it’s Finland’s version of Manchester. But did they serve pie, chips and gravy there? No. So, not that much like Manchester then. And you couldn’t get a tram to Bury, either.
2) Speaking of ‘Manny’, we wrote about Salford Lads Club. First made famous by The Smiths  (obviously you know this), it provides all sort of good services for the kids in the area – and gives softies the chance to have taste of The North before disappearing down south again. 
3) Creative Director Matt collected decades’ worth of Argos catalogues, then wrote about how we’ve moved from towelling bathrobes to protein shakes in 40 years.  We’re also weirdly hairless compared to the ’70s, too. But that’s not in the article. 
4) We did a big grown-up city report on Birmingham. Second city or second-rate? You decide. 
5) Loads of clothes and mad coats. Obviously. 
6) Unsurprisingly we also did a feature on brutalist architecture. This one’s great – it’s got loads of photos of concrete sports centres in it. 
7) Andrew Emery wrote about his obsession with hip-hop T-shirts. Note, Andrew is in his 40s and lives in Leeds.
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Seven excellent things about Issue 15 of Umbrella Comments

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