Ohw? shoes: comfort and quality for street-smart stylists







There’s nothing like a decent pair of shoes to set off an outfit. 
And while we love trainers and formal shoes, the middle ground of footwear – home to desert boots and Wallabees - is where we’re most at ease (in every sense).  
And there are few better exponents of the comfy shoe than ohw?. 
For the past few years ohw? has been producing footwear from a family-owned factory, treating us with styles that combine the flexibility of trainers with the quality of ‘proper’ shoes. 
Designs go from hi-top boots to simple leather pumps – just the thing for the chap who likes nothing more than strolling around the city, taking endless pictures of road signs (i.e. us). There’s none of ankle-rubbing business going on either – this is footwear that beds in instantly, waving adieu to blisters and farewell to soreness. In short, they’re lovely to wear.
Ohw? says:
“Although our designs are trend-led, function is also a priority. All our shoes and boots are designed to be ‘optimum fit’ (pretty damn comfortable) and have combination rubber/phylon soles. Phylon is more usually found in the midsole of sports shoes, which means our footwear is exceptionally easy to wear.” 
Sound good? Visit the ohw? site here: ohwshoes.com

Ohw? shoes: comfort and quality for street-smart stylists Comments

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