Armor Lux: upmarket clothing for the modern seafarer






It’s no secret that Umbrella is rather partial to marine-wear. 
While army chaps look like farm-hands, mariners have always dressed with elegance: sporting natty striped tops, bell-bottom trousers and storm-defeating anoraks. Whether sailors or fishermen, if you want style inspiration, you’d do worse than to check out the local port (and who knows what could happen there?). 
One group of mariners who’ve had an especially big influence are the fisherman of Brittany. With wild storms and downpours an accepted part of the job, these hardy Frenchmen have always dressed for the elements (but with style).
Armor Lux is perhaps the brand most associated with these trend-setting seafarers. Founded in 1938 in Quimper, its clothes are not only made to withstand the worst of the weather, but to look as good on the street as they do on the bow of HMS Tuna Fish. 
This season’s collection is especially good, with smocks – yes, they’re back! – anoraks, tees and Breton jumpers all playing their part. 
So whether you’re planning to swap your laptop for a life on the ocean wave or just fancy dressing like you’ve actually got a real job, let Armor Lux be your personal sailor-tailor. 
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