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Let’s face it: no one gets our sort of menswear better than the Japanese (apart, perhaps, from the Italians). So when we heard The North Face, whose story we told in the new issue of Umbrella, was producing a range designed in the land of the Rising Bullet Train we came over all funny. 
The ‘Japanese Capsule Collection’ is exactly what you’d hope for: TNF outdoor-wear tailored perfectly so even if you’re caught in a passing blizzard/monsoon you’ll be able to face the elements while still looking trendy.
The range is available at the new TNF store on London’s Carnaby Street, though we’d also advise it to sell it in Liverpool, which kickstarted the UK’s North Face obsession over a decade ago.  
“The collection incorporates sleek silhouettes, a discreet colour line, and iconic detailing” says The North Face. “Each piece in the new Japanese-designed capsule collection seamlessly weaves together contemporary style with elements and fabrics from the original, heritage pieces to create apparel for the modern urban explorer.”
Sounds right up our street. 
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