Coat-lovers rejoice: The North Face releases ‘Fantasy Ridge’ collection

Nineties-inspired range is a winter warmer







It might have stopped going dark at about midday, but as the frosty weather proves, winter is still with us – and it's carrying a big stick.
The only plus side of this never-ending misery is the opportunity to extend the big-coat season into March. And happily – well, happily for trendy people – The North Face has come up with a ’90s-inspired range that'll turn your morning car-defrost into a fashion show. 
According to The North Face, the Fantasy Ridge collection is ”inspired by ’the last great problem’ – a term coined by mountaineers to describe a mountain peak that’s yet to be summited”.
The star of the show is the Fantasy Ridge GTX jacket. Originally released in 1993, and made of Gore Tex, it’s been tested to the same exacting standards as the stuff Actual Real Climbers wear up K2.
So not only will you be exceptionally smart if you wear one, but when the boiler breaks down at work, you’ll win the 'cosiest person in the office' crown. 
See the collection here

Coat-lovers rejoice: The North Face releases ‘Fantasy Ridge’ collection Comments

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