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For a nation dedicated to the pursuit of sporting excellence (see their admirable dedication to performance-enhancing 'cold remedies' in the Olympics), the Soviet Union never quite made the grade in the football stakes. Sure, they won the Euros in 1960, but that was in the days when there were only about three other teams in it, and one of those was San Marino (or similar). 
However, there was one tournament where they did triumph – well, in our eyes at least: the 1966 World Cup, held in England. 
OK, the  USSR didn't actually win the trophy, but they got through to the quarters and did so in such style, aesthetically-minded football fans have taken inspiration from them ever since. 
First, there was the goalie, Lev Yashin, who captured the hearts of the British public with his film-star looks, cat-like antics between the sticks and could-it-be-more-Prada? all-black kit. 
The outfield comrades were just as well dressed, wearing a simple a red (or white) round-neck top with that killer 'CCCP' (ie USSR) logo in the centre. Has there been a better branded shirt since? No, no there hasn't it. 
Mundial magazine is obviously as in awe of this legacy as us. Which is why it's teamed up with casual-wear favourite, YMC, to produce a selection of garments that pay tribute to these giants of soccer. 
If you were a big fan of the retro-football look of 1990 (or have read about it since and harboured a grudge against those who were there), you're going to love it. From sweatshirts to tees, sunhats to scarves, there's everything a fashion-forward soccer fan could wish for. 
And while Lev Yashin and the chaps may not be around any more, this lovely collection will help us remember the glorious days of Mother Russia and its iconic football team. 
See the collection here

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