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For those who haven’t heard of Le Fix, it’s more than a brand. Founded by a group of mates in 1999 in Copenhagen, Le Fix is a group of artists and designers who’ve been given the freedom to express their potential.
In addition to their two shops in the Danish capital, Le Fix also operates two tattoo parlours, an art gallery and a wood workshop. But it’s the team’s mutual understanding of art, clothing and commerce that creates a viable business with a keen eye for detail and origin.
Benny Kusk is one of three Le Fix founders and Umbrella had a quick chat with him to learn more about the brand and its history as well as taking a peak at their recent collection entitled, ‘Whatever’. 
U: Benny, let’s start from the beginning – how did Le Fix start? 
BK: It was founded as an art group of childhood friends who had been writing graffiti since the mid-’80s. Later it evolved into different aspects of street art, such as tattooing and of course streetwear and casual fashion.
Where does the name ‘Le Fix’ come from? 
It's actually is a bit weird. Le Fix is named after an old lady from our younger days who we worked for after school. She had a small shop called FIX where you could get in and get your destroyed clothing fixed – hence the name FIX. We were fascinated by this 80-year old lady jumping around like a 20-something, doing different projects on her house while running this shop. We wanted to make a tribute to her by naming our new project something with “FIX”, and then we added “LE" to add a high-end spirit to the name – of course with loads humour, which always was a good starting point for us.
It’s more than just a shop isn’t it?
In the beginning it wasn’t a shop at all. Le Fix was first a brand that went on to open a shop. We were only selling our brand to other stores, but in around 2008 we opened our stores that carried third-party brands too. 
Growing up, what was behind your inspiration for streetwear? 
For me it’s always been history-driven. I was very inspired by adidas, Nike and later Stussy when that streetwear vibe came in the ’80s. After that we got into all the classic casual brands like Stone Island, CP Company and so on. 
Were there any brands you based Le Fix on? 
No. It was more a feeling of the street culture, so the inspiration came more from people from the graffiti scene like futura 2000, Ghost, seen and Lee. A New York vibe mixed with the Scandinavian style.
Finally, what’s in store for Le Fix for the rest of the year? 
We have some great and exciting new stuff cooking. We did a cool pop-up with TOO HOT Limited and set up an exhibition with [football shirt expert] Neal Heard and all his awesome jerseys in our gallery. Besides that we’ll of course keep showing our love for the lifestyle and culture surrounding Le Fix every day.
Le Fix’s AW18 ‘Whatever’ collection focuses on the balance between good and bad, order and anarchy, success and failure – and how to find beauty on both ends of the spectrum. Basically, whatever makes it easier to stay calm in the midst of chaos and heartbreak while teaching us not to fear the unknown. It's an attitude that brightens your mind, lets you shake things off and move on to better things. 
More at: le-fix.com

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