The amazing rock ’n’ roll photography of Greg Neate



These days, everyone takes pictures at gigs. 

Forget losing yourself in the moment, it seems that the point of attending an event today is so you can record it on your smartphone to enjoy tomorrow. Making memories is everything.

Photographer Greg Neate is the antithesis to this. For years, Neate – a regular contributor to Umbrella – has been taking pictures at music gigs up and down the country, always in the thick of the action, often sandwiched in the no-mans land between the crowd and the audience. Shooting on 35mm film, his photographs have an intensity that comes from completely immersing himself in his surroundings. 

Since 2000, Greg has been documenting the All Tomorrows Parties events – regularly-held weekenders at holiday camps around the UK,  which have featured performances from the cream of what used to be called 'alternative' like the Aphex Twin, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Iggy and the Stooges. Plus, as you'd imagine, many many more.

The best of this work is now being featured in an exhibtion, ATP Presents: The Photography of Greg Neate, which is being held in a space just off Brick Lane in London's East End. Greg, who's been shooting since the late 80s,  is characteristically modest about his work. 

"I hope these images go some way to making up for any intrusion between the audience and those on stage, whilst sharing in the experience of some truly great and memorable live music," he says.

Indeed they do, and then some. 

The exhibition is beging held at  Shop 12, Dray Walk Shoreditch (Opposite Rough Trade East), until July 13. More details here

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The amazing rock ’n’ roll photography of Greg Neate Comments

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