The Autodromo Prototipo: a retro watch for modern times



There's no doubt that a watch – the right watch – can round a man's look off perfectly. Chaps over the age of 30 don't tend to wear jewellery (apart from a 'GPS' aka wedding ring), so your timepiece really has to be right. 

As lovers of Steve McQueen/Le Mans motorsport chic of the late-1960s, it'll come as no surprise that we hold rather a large candle for watches like Heuer's Monaco and Autavia –timepieces that helped to define an age of daredevil driving, just-so sideburns and sadly, star-studded funerals. 

Watch/lifestyle brand Autodromo obviously feels even more strongly about this era than we do, as can be seen in its stunning Prototipo collection of timepieces. Powered by a Japanese "meca-quartz" movement, the watch blends the accuracy of quartz with the artistry of a purely mechanical movement. On the new Prototipo model (named after the 'prototype' racing cars of the late-'60s), this translates to the quartz looking after the hour/minute hands, while the seconds and chornograph are mechanically-powered. It's a combnation that works really well and enables Autodromo to keep the price down to a very reasonable $625. 

The Prototipo comes in four colour combinations, with Umbrella instinctively drawn to the silver dial version. What's your favourite? Find out at the Autodromo website.

Tip (and some pictures), the wonderful watch blog, Hodinkee

The Autodromo Prototipo: a retro watch for modern times Comments

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