The Timex Marlin: a sleek automatic watch for less than £225





While we’ll always lust after a 1954 Rolex Submariner or original Omega Speedmaster ‘moon watch’ from the early ’70s, for most of us, watches of that status are – barring lottery wins/fraudulent insurance claims – out of reach.
Happily, there are alternatives: watches that both deliver both excellent timekeeping and look fantastic. Watches rather like those from Timex’s ‘Marlin’ range. 
The hand-wound Marlin was initially released in the 1960s but was re-released with its original styling a couple of years ago. Thanks to the positive reception from the watch media, the range has now been expanded to include models with both self-winding movements and larger 40mm dials, such as the one we’re demonstrating here.
Powered by a 21-jewel automatic movement – which means you’ll never buy a battery for it – this Marlin has a beautifully domed crystal (i.e. the glass), Bauhaus-style dial and a date window at 3 o’clock, so, like Flavor Flav from Public Enemy, you’ll always know what time it is. And best of all, you can gaze at that movement whirring away through the ‘exhibition’ case back on the reverse. 
In terms of wearability, the svelte ’60s-style case ensures the Marlin slides under any shirt and looks fantastic as part of either a casual or formal outfit, with mesh or leather strap options depending on your preferences. 
Which means you’ll look the business wherever you are, not least because you won’t be fiddling with your smartphone when you need to find out the time. 
Marlin: catch yours now. 
The Marlin Automatic is priced £224, available here

The Timex Marlin: a sleek automatic watch for less than £225 Comments

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